zaterdag 22 juni 2013

Bicycle Music Exposition with the Freewheelers Cello Blues

All of a sudden, it is 2013, and we are working on a bicycle music exposition in the Netherlands, where we now live. Spain doesn't seem to get out of this government-created crisis and we need to make a living.... In Alicant, we lived with Alfredo Talens who was part of Critical Mass Alicante, a group of bicycle aficionados that is trying to get some attention for the dangerous situation on the roads, where bicycle lanes or safe crossings do not exist. Of course this rightwing Partido Popular government has no clue how to end unemployment, which could be done by building bike lanes so also tourism could benefit (and grow), while tragic traffic accidents could be prevented.
Today San Francisco has the world's biggest bicycle festival, organised with the SF Critical Mass movement and with cellist Joe Chang, who biked all over Europe in the year that Ilene was working in California.
Bicycles are a wayback experience to the 'white bicycles' idea of the Dutch Provo movement but also a durable energy vehicle, no waste of fossil fuel, and thus rightwing parties like the  current  dutch government don't like it. It seems all over the world the alternative and artist scenes are taking to the bicycle. We, as Freewheelers, of course saw this coming a Long Long time ago....

safe biking! And good music!

dinsdag 17 augustus 2010

theFreewheelers :: uPlaya Artists

theFreewheelers :: uPlaya Artists

Who does not like the sound of a cello, played by a trained cellist? 

One of the first bands to put this into the bluesrock genre, the Freewheelers (sometimes spelled with 'de' since an old band used the same name) have played all over Europe and are now working on new material for their American tour. Always out of money, since they are not backed by a label and do everything independent, the recordings of this band are a bit on the lo-fi side. They are more a live band, however both Ilene Spain and Bas Vossen have lots of studio experience, being paid studio musicians for years. 

Check out their songs online, their home base is

Better is to hear them perform live. Put your email on the list by sending it to as he is setting up a system to inform our fans. We'll be touring the USA from October, 22 until October next year. From then on we'll be touring Europe. Australia and Asia are also on the list, as we have fans there too. And we do not forget our fans: we'll organise a festival in the middle of every tour!

Be free. Have Wheels!

dinsdag 4 mei 2010

Long time no C

Well, as I just discovered in the past months, I am definitely NOT a blogger. Good luck you all and keep up the good work while we try to do the same.
The online webshop still is online, and works perfect. Thanks to all of you who ordered our cd's.
We are using the incoming money to produce a new and better sounding cd. Lo Siento por los que solo lea en espanol. Los traduciones no somos possible ahora.

vrijdag 20 november 2009

Tax or not?

After working hard for the band, you know (or not) going to jamsessions and playing while you have to pay for the drinks (and of course gas to get there), getting that gig, hanging posters and attending radioshows and publishing it on as many sites as you can, driving there (picking up bandmembers that don't have a car or even drivers license) setting up, soundchecking, eating (most of the times in a different place than where we play, at least in Europe), playing 3 sets in which we have to make and keep the audience happy and dancing, getting the money from the bar-owner, most of the time after long and heated discussions, driving home, bringing the bandmember without car to his home, and walking the dog, I have to think about paying TAX.

For what, if I may ask. For the right of having cops around? For the people we see on golf courts? For stupid traffic measures? Or for 'integration'?
I would like it if the government would do something for live music, for the poor musicians that get kicked out of their income because of 'dee-jays' and karaoke'music'.

Buy our cd's and you'll hear songs about this, in a happy style!